Online training for urban farmers

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The online training of Urban Cultists provides 15 years of knowledge and experience in urban agriculture, brought together in a simple and practical formula to make gardening accessible. Through the five training modules, learn the art of urban vegetable gardening at your own pace! Also discover the new add-on on growing mushrooms outdoors.




44 courses divided into 5 modules: the complete training covers everything you need to know to be independent in the garden and obtain better harvests.


5 ModulesComplete formula
1 ModuleAnalyze and arrange your space
2 ModulePlan crops and watering
3 ModuleHands on the ground
4 ModuleDifficulties and solutions
5 ModuleMeet the vegetables


New module: champignons

Find out everything you need to know about growing mushrooms, whether in the garden, the vegetable patch or on your balcony with the Urbainculteurs and their guest specialist, Botte Champignonnière. To know more click here.

Who should attend ?

    • From beginner to advanced
      This course is aimed at all levels since it provides you with a methodology proven by long years of cultivation in the city by our team of horticulturists. Enough to (re)learn with the best bases and for good results.
    • I don't have a big garden
      This course is not only aimed at people who already have a garden but also at those who wish to cultivate on their balcony, in a backyard, a shared garden, etc. We are then talking about small areas here.
    • I do not have a lot of time…
      That's good, our course adapts perfectly to the reality of our already busy lives. No time or date! Plus, access is unlimited! Follow your course at your own pace and step by step.






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