Terms and Conditions

Pricing policy

  • Prices are in Canadian dollars.
  • The products are invoiced on the basis of the price in effect when the order is placed.
  • Taxes, if applicable, are calculated at checkout.

Orders from abroad

Customs duties and various taxes concerning an order placed in a country other than Canada are the customer's expense and their entire responsibility.

Shipping Policy

The package will be sent to the delivery address provided by you. Shipping costs for seed packets are calculated and adjusted based on purchase volume. A delivery time of seven to ten working days after receipt of your payment is to be expected and takes into account the processing of the order and its delivery. This time varies depending on the delivery address and product availability. No order can be combined with another order when shipping.  

Shipping to the foreigner

Shipping costs and delivery times vary by country. In the case of orders whose delivery postal address is located outside of Canadian borders, the customer is responsible for informing themselves of the laws and regulations relating to the importation of seeds from this country and for respecting them. Some countries have adopted laws or regulations restricting or prohibiting the importation of seeds. Also, Les jardin de l'écoumène cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for delivery failure in countries where such laws or regulations exist. If in doubt, a small order to verify border crossing can be placed to avoid disappointment. Due to the vagaries of foreign post and possible customs seizures, Les jardin de l'écoumène cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the failure of a delivery. Proof of postal delivery may be provided in the event of a dispute by the customer. Orders not delivered to their destination will not be refunded.

Fees caused by incorrect address

When placing an order, the customer must ensure the validity of the information which appears in his account on the Jardins de l'écoumène website or that he enters the order form as a "guest". When an order is delivered to a wrong address and returns to the gardens of the ecoumene before being reshipped to the corrected address:

      • for orders shipped in an envelope, administrative fee of $10 (before taxes) is billed to the customer;
      • for orders shipped in a box, the return costs requested by Canada Post to the gardens of the ecumène are invoiced to the customer, who will also have to pay the delivery costs of the 2e dispatch (this amount varies depending on the size and weight of the package).

Please note that no signature is required upon receipt of envelopes and packages.

Return of goods

Return and refund policy

  1. Can I return or exchange an item or seed packets? 
    No return or exchange of merchandise will be credited unless a prior agreement has been made with Les jardin de l'écoumène. In this case, the products must be returned in good condition, in their original packaging.  For orders abroad, no returns of merchandise shipped outside of Canada will be accepted by Les jardin de l'écoumène.

  2. What is the procedure to follow for a return (exchange or refund)? 
    • Contact Les jardin de l’écoumène by email to make an agreement: boutique@ecoumene.com 
    • Provide the reason for the request. In the case of a defective product, explain the problem. 
    • In the case of a defective product, provide photos of the item that show the problem (if possible) and the serial number. 
    • Provide proof of purchase. 
  3. If I return a product, do I have to pay shipping costs? 
    In the event of a defective product, after agreement concluded with Les jardin de l'écoumène, the return costs are the responsibility of the jardin de l'écoumène. For any other reason for return, transport costs are the responsibility of the customer. 

  4. I want to return a product but I no longer have the original packaging. What should I do?
    You must contact us. 

  5.  What are the accepted deadlines?
    You must contact us within 7 days of purchase for a refund request. Regarding extended warranties, refer to the manufacturer's warranties. 

Order to the foreigner

No returns of goods shipped outside of Canada will be accepted by Les jardin de l'écoumène.

Guarantee - Seeds

The germination of our seeds is guaranteed the year of purchase.

The Jardins de l'Écumène team and our network of seed producers work hard to offer you quality seeds. Rest assured that we only market seed lots whose germination tests exceed the criteria of the International Seed Testing Association.

If after having followed the germination protocol written on our sachets to the letter you are not satisfied with the results, we can refund you or offer you a new sachet.

    • Please include the batch number of your sachet with your request.
    • Our liability is limited to the cost of the sachet.

For orders abroad, no returns of merchandise shipped outside of Canada will be accepted by Les jardin de l'écoumène.


  1. Protection of personal information. 
    Your personal data will only be used to process your orders. They will be archived for the sole purpose of speeding up service for your next order. Under no circumstances will your personal information be transmitted to third parties. When placing an order, only the following information is requested: first and last name, billing address and delivery address, telephone number, email address.


  2. Customer Consent
    The information collected is always with the consent of the customer. This consent is given automatically when the order is registered.


  3. Promotional email.
    By placing your order, you agree to receive emails from Jardins de l'écoumène. If you do not wish to receive these promotional emails, please notify us as soon as possible

Shipping costs

What type of order does free delivery apply to?

Ecoumene Gardens pays delivery charges for orders of $25 or more of bags of vegetable and herbaceous seeds only. 

  1. How are delivery costs calculated?
    Unlike many e-commerce stores, Les jardin de l'écoumène does not calculate part of the delivery costs in the price of the products offered. Here is how our delivery costs are broken down in Canada (a supplement applies for international orders) 

Delivery costs for ecoumene seed packets.

Bag values Delivery costs in Canadian dollars
$24,99 or less (less than 6 bags)  5,00$
$25,00 and more (6 bags and more)  Free

Delivery costs for horticultural products, books, other types of seeds, etc.

Delivery classes for packages Light package Standard package Intermediate parcel Non-standard package A Non-standard package B Oversized package

For example: seedling trays,
humidity domes, gardening gloves, etc.

For example: books, pruning shears, floating covers, blackout fabrics, etc.


For example: potting soils and fertilizers weighing more than 2 kg.

For example: SunBlaster lighting sets, watering lances, hoops, stakes, amendments, potting soils and fertilizers weighing more than 4 kg. For example: propagation tents, Agrobrite T5 lighting kits 1,2 m, amendments, potting soils and fertilizers over 14 kg.

For example: Organic Growers greenhouse from ShelterLogic, Vegepod, etc.


Basic rate 15,00$ 15,00$ 18,75$ 25,75$ 25,75$ 49,75$
Surcharge applicable to each item in your basket 0,50$ 1,00$ 2,00$ 2,00$ 25,75$ 49,75$

Please note that at any time during the purchase process before completing the payment, you can obtain the amount of delivery costs by clicking on your basket. When your basket contains items from different categories, you will be charged the highest amount of the different delivery classes. 

Examples of calculating delivery costs

    • In a basket, there are 6 packets of seeds, these total $25,14. Delivery of this order will be Free.
    • In a second basket, there are 5 packets of seeds, these total $20,95. Shipping on this order will be $5,00. 
    • In a third basket, there are 6 packets of seeds (delivery: $0,00), the book Fruit Trees and Shrubs for Quebec (delivery: $15,00) and a pair of gardening gloves (delivery: 0,50). $15,50). Delivery for this order will be $XNUMX.