Forest products

Forest products are offered by the Vitaforêt workshop.

The Vitaforêt workshop has been offering training in the identification and picking of wild plants and mushrooms since 2017 at the gardens of theÉcoumène.

Celine Bouchard

Dried and processed products of the Vitaforêt workshop come from wild harvests in the rich forest and fields of Ecoumene Gardens and the Lanaudière region.

They are now available in the store all year round depending on nature's supply and while stocks last.

The plants and mushrooms are carefully picked by hand by Céline Bouchard, professional forest picker, inspired by the quality and sensitivity of responsible harvesting on a human scale.

Caution - Wild plants and mushrooms

 All the information mentioned on “ Forest products » is given for information purposes only and can in no way replace the advice of a health professional. Please consult your doctor, pharmacist or practitioner before use. Be sure to take all necessary precautions, particularly with regard to pregnant women and drug interactions. Furthermore, this information does not have therapeutic purposes; it simply aims to help with well-being.

 When you first consume plants and wild mushrooms or when tasting a new species, it is strongly recommended to ingest only a small quantity in case of intolerances or allergies. Also note that all dried and rehydrated mushrooms should be cooked before eating. The Vitaforêt workshop and the Jardins de l'écoumène decline all responsibility for any allergies or mishandling of “Forest Products”.