Fresh microgreens on potting soil

Microgreens are plant seeds that are germinated on potting soil while sprouts are seeds that are germinated in pots without substrate. Microgreens require less maintenance than sprouts which must be rinsed twice a day, sometimes more in some cases.

Fenugreek to sprout – Organic


Available at the ecoumene only

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Organic fenugreek microgreens offer a unique taste experience thanks to their distinctively spicy and slightly sweet taste. Their crunchy texture and delicate leaves add a dimension of flavor and freshness to your dishes, standing out from the other varieties offered. In addition to their unique taste profile, these microgreens are also popular for their health benefits, including their high fiber, protein and vitamin content. Incorporate them into your recipes for an explosion of exotic flavors and an extra touch of vitality.

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