living soils

Jean-François Lévèque

Water, source of life: The Impact of humidity on your crops

In the heart of the GardensÉcoumène, organic gardening comes to life: understanding and managing humidity proves essential for plant health and growth. Water, much more than a simple resource, represents the very essence of our garden.

Controlling its flow and availability is crucial to encourage vibrant flowering and guarantee generous harvests. By adopting respectful practices, we cultivate a harmonious relationship with water, which nourishes our plants while enriching our land and our soul.

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Jean-François Lévèque

Revolutionize your gardening in depth with living soil

Edaphon, much more than just a soil component, is a crucial element for any gardener. This living network, invisible to the naked eye, works silently to nourish and protect your plants.
Discover with us how this universe beneath your feet can radically transform your approach to gardening.

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Edaphon: the unsung heroes of germination

Discover the secret world beneath your feet! Often overlooked, edaphon, this vibrant collection of living organisms in the soil, is the pillar of plant health and the success of your seedlings. In this article, we invite you to explore how these tiny beings can greatly influence the growth of your plants, from the comfort of your home.

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